Hi my name is Anna, I am a mum to my two year old daughter, an NHS midwife based on the antenatal wards and delivery suite and antenatal education teacher at the Royal Surrey County Hospital.  I qualified as a midwife 5 years ago from Sheffield Hallam University.  In 2016 I moved to Chelsea & Westminster Hospital and then my husband and I decided to start our family and move to Godalming to enjoy the beautiful countryside of Surrey as a family.

I love being a midwife  and I am passionate about  educating women and guiding them through pregnancy and the birth process, encouraging choices and helping them to prepare for a positive birth experience - whichever way is best for that family and baby.

My ethos surrounding birth is simple, it doesn't matter how you birth and feed your baby, its all about having happy mum and baby when you commence your journey to parenthood.  I believe that fear in childbirth is on the increase and in today's society it is unlikely that women have any experience of birth before they come to give birth themselves. Therefore antenatal classes, Hypnobirthing and preparation for parenting is more needed now than ever before.

I loved my antenatal education module in university but unfortunately due to budget cuts most hospitals are not investing in providing antenatal care for women and families so when I moved to Godalming and an opportunity arose to work in the antenatal education team I jumped at the chance.  I love teaching groups of parents at the hospital from labour and birth to first aid but this may not work for some couples so am  offering private 1:1 classes in the comfort of your own home at a time that is convenient for you.

My interest in Hypnobirthing was ignited when working on the Birth Centre in Chelsea & Westminster, I started caring for more and more women who were Hypnobirthing and couldn’t believe how it gave women such confidence, power and control over their births.  I have a diploma in KG Hypnobirthing but am now happy to be part of The Little Birthing Company,  their ethos to support, educate and empower women is one I truly respect and believe in. 

In my spare time (if I have any) I am an amateur knitter, I have just started piano lessons and my family and I love the outdoors.

I would love to be part of Your Journey to parenthood whichever route you would like to take, so please do not hesitate to get in touch if you want to have a chat about the classes on offer.

Thanks Anna xx