Hypnobirthing is a method of relaxation and (can be pain relief) that can be used during labour and birth and even in the postnatal period.  It involves using a mixture of breathing techniques, visualisation and relaxation to create a better birthing experience. I think Hypnobirthing became associated with a natural/water/home birth previously but more and more practitioners are promoting Hypnobirthing in any birth environment. Breathing techniques have always been part of antenatal classes however Hypnobirthing is about working as a couple to find ways to create a calming environment, reduce stress and encourage a positive birthing experience. 

There are many different companies teaching Hypnobirthing and so its very hard to know who to go with and what the difference is. I trained with KG Hypnobirthing initially and although the company is very prestigious and the method has worked for thousands of women I felt it was more aimed towards natural births and using Hypnobirthing as a method of pain relief. I am now teaching through The Little Birthing Company and have had much better feedback from families that is is more applicable to everyone and it feels achievable! The Little Birthing Company programme has been written by a midwife and a hypnotherapist and so I feel it is more informative, realistic and flexible to the individual. 

Please feel free to head to their website for more information or contact me to discuss Hypnobirthing and its benefits.